Yes, Ewan McGregor has seen your erotic Anakin/Obi-Wan fan-art

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor
Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

You know how it is: You’re Ewan McGregor, well-liked star of stage and screen, doing your best to fulfill your promotional obligations for your new Disney Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi. Amidst getting married, getting COVID, and just generally McGregor-ing around, you take time to set up a new, in-depth profile with GQ in which you manage to come off—basically effortlessly—as both accessible, thoughtful, and reflective. It’s going great! Then you mention that people send you erotic fan-art of you and Hayden Christensen and whoops, hey, there goes the rest of your day.

So it was for the actual Ewan McGregor, who did all of the things we detailed above recently—including the bit where he reveals that dogged fans of seeing the Light Side and Dark Side mix it up sometimes send him images of himself and his recently reunited Star Wars co-star, apparently dueling their fates.

Or, in McGregor’s own words:

There’s a lot of homoerotic Obi-Wan/Hayden [Christensen] fan art that gets sent to me now and again. I don’t know how it finds me. It’s always a bit of an eye-opener. You open the envelope, you think you’re going to have to sign something, and you’re like, ‘Fucking hell!’”

Again: This profile covers a lot more ground than just the bit where McGregor talks about being semi-regularly confronted with sexy fan-art of himself and a co-worker. (Does his fan-mail not get screened? How is the sexy fan-art getting through?!) But we’ll be honest: It’s the part we’re going to be thinking about for the rest of the day, because a) we’re puerile children, and b) it’s very funny to imagine McGregor having a quiet sip of coffee in his California home, popping open a random envelope at the breakfast table, and then, well, “Fucking hell!”

You can read the full profile of McGregor—including all the non-slash-art bits about his obsession with Oasis, his desire to keep returning to Obi-Wan for years to come, and wistful feelings about the Danny Boyle portion of his career—over at GQ.

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