WWE Legends documentary on Lex Luger debuts on A&E

“The Total Package” Lex Luger is one of the most recognizable names in pro wrestling history. His rise, fall and redemption will be covered in the latest installment of Biography: WWE Legends, which debuts Sunday on A&E, revisiting a career certainly worth a closer inspection.

Luger had an early run in WCW, including a stint with the title, before a career-altering break in the World Wrestling Federation. After an initial stretch as the villainous “Narcissist,” Luger had the chance to fill Hulk Hogan’s shoes and replace Hulkamania. Yet his red-white-and-blue Lex Express ran out of gas before ever reaching top gear, and Luger ultimately faded to the middle of the card—until shocking the wrestling world with a surprise appearance to close out WCW’s first episode of Nitro. A week later, Luger wrestled Hogan to a DQ finish on Nitro, and he became an integral part of WCW during the famed “Monday Night Wars.”

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