Woman, 60, ‘dragged into road’ as pooch is savaged by ‘banned Pit Bull Terrier dog’

The woman was walking her Greyhound when another dog ran over and grabbed the poor pooch’s throat, dragging him and his owner into the street and causing her to fall over

Jamie the Greyhound was attacked
Greyhound Jamie was seriously hurt in the ferocious attack

A suspected Pit Bull Terrier dragged a 60-year-old woman into the road and onto the ground as it attacked and seriously injured her Greyhound.

The frightening incident happened as the woman, who wants to remain anonymous, was walking her dog Jamie in Thatto Heath Park, St Helen’s, Merseyside on Saturday (May 21).

The other dog – which police suspect is a Pit Bull Terrier, a banned breed, ran over to Jamie and grabbed him by throat, according to a member of the owner’s family.

They told the Liverpool Echo : “An old-ish couple with two dogs were on the park with them off-lead, the Staffy type dog ran straight over and got Jamie by the throat and dragged him and my mum into the middle of the road.

“My mum was on the floor and to be honest she’s not got great health, I thought she was going to have a heart attack.”

Witnesses and Jamie’s owner attempted to intervene.

People driving by got out of their cars to help, and a young man attempted to free Jamie as the dog got a tight grip on his jaw, leaving the elderly dog seriously injured.

The attack happened in Thatto Heath Park, St Helen’s, Merseyside



They added: “A young lad got my mum’s walking stick and tried to prise its jaw open but it wouldn’t let go.

“Jamie was screaming and everyone around who witnessed it was screaming and crying.

“The owner of the Staffy tried to open its jaws and it released Jamie for a second so Jamie ran off down St John’s Street but the Staffy got free and got Jamie again, attacking his neck and legs, ears face and just hanging on Jamie’s jaw.”

The young man managed to eventually stop the dog’s attack by “jumping on it”, freeing Jamie.

Jamie suffered serious injuries including a fractured jaw and was taken to the vets for surgery.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “Officers have seized a suspected pit bull breed following an incident near Thatto Heath park on Saturday, May 21.

“At around 1.35pm it was reported a woman had been bitten while attempting to restrain her suspected pit bull dog on Elm Road as it was attacking a greyhound.

“The suspected pit bull, which was off its lead, then ran off but was later secured by its other owner, a man in his 60s, on Crossley Road.

“The owner, a 60-year-old woman, sustained injuries to two fingers and was taken to hospital for treatment.

“The greyhound dog was taken for veterinary treatment for a broken jaw, fractured teeth and wounds to her back.

“Officers have seized the dog, which is believed to be a pit bull type banned breed.

“The owner will attend a police interview at a later date.”

Community Policing Inspector Stacey Pope said: “This incident would have been traumatic for both the owner who sustained serious injuries to her fingers, and the owner of the greyhound who was left very distressed.

“Thankfully the suspected pit bull was caught a short time later before it could cause further harm to anyone else, and has now been seized.

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