When does Andor take place?

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Andor

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Andor
Image: Lucasfilm

As Andor begins, this point in time it’s been about 14 years since Supreme Chancellor Palpatine dissolved the Republic and became Emperor Palpatine, ruler of the Galactic Empire, as we saw in Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith. Since then, Imperial forces have been gradually transitioning from peacekeepers to occupiers in the territorial outposts they once promised to protect.

We are fast approaching the pinnacle of the Imperial Era, when its iron grip on the galaxy is at its strongest. As is typical of any totalitarian regime, the Empire has reached its tendrils into every aspect of public life. Even corporations are monitored by tactical security forces who report directly to the Empire. Constant surveillance is a part of everyday life and getting caught on the wrong side of the authorities, or even being suspected of being not fully on board the Emperor’s train, could get you hauled away and executed as a traitor.

There are some areas, however, where the Empire wields less power than others. Its domain is centralized within a few core planets, spreading out to an inner rim, mid rim, and outer rim. The farther away from the core, the less Imperial presence you’re likely to encounter, which not only allows for crime syndicates to thrive, but also creates a fertile breeding ground for a growing resistance movement.

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