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When the powers that be decided that HBO Max’s sitcom The Garcias — a sequel series to Nickelodeon’s The Brothers Garcia, which aired from 2000 to 2004 — would not get an FYC campaign to promote its Emmys eligibility, the show’s executive producer Jeff Valdez took matters into his own hands.

“We were told HBO Max would not be able to assist with a campaign in support of this title, so we took $30,000 and decided to get as creative as we could to bring attention to a series that is unique and we believe merits the consideration of the industry,” Valdez tells THR.

Valdez has launched a guerrilla Emmys campaign for the comedy series, hoping to gain the attention of Television Academy members through innovative PR strategies. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” he adds. Emmy voters will see digital posters on Sunset Boulevard during the voting period between June 16 and June 27, which will display an eight-second promotional video on a loop.

Less traditional efforts include aerial FYC banners flying over Los Angeles, plus political-style lawn cards placed curbside in front of Hollywood homes (one has appeared across the street from Warner Bros. Discovery CEO and president David Zaslav’s house). Times Square icon The Naked Cowboy will sport a Garcias-branded guitar and briefs in the form of influencer outreach.

A double-decker tour bus wrapped in Garcias signage will make its way through Beverly Hills, targeting Emmy voters where they’re most likely to watch television with their families. “The Garcias is one of the few comedies up for consideration that members can watch with their kids,” says Valdez.

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