Taylor Swift, Super Bowl Theory Goes Viral After NFL’s Apple News

On Friday, Adam Schefter announced that Apple Music will be the official sponsor of the Super Bowl, taking the role over from Pepsi. By making that switch, it is possible that the NFL also hinted at who may be this year’s performer.

For years, Taylor Swift has been one of the biggest stars in music, but couldn’t do the halftime show because she is sponsored by Coca-Cola, Pepsi’s direct competitor. Now that Pepsi is out as the show’s sponsor, Swift can do the show without breaking her contract with Coca-Cola.

But, as Swift’s fans will tell you, there’s more to this theory.

Schefter reported the announcement at midnight, a time of the day that is associated with Swift through her upcoming album, Midnights. So, it is possible that Swift will perform at the Super Bowl as a way to promote her new album in front of the entire country.

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