Rivals250 OL Jven Williams breaks down his top seven

Rivals250 offensive lineman Jven Williams saw his recruitment take off this past season and now he’s ready to focus in on a handful of teams that he feels like have made him a priority. The Wyomissing (Pa.) Wyomissing Area standout named a top seven of Penn State, Michigan, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Rutgers, Ole Miss, and Michigan State and explained why each of them remain in the running for his commitment.

Penn State- “I’ve been to Happy Valley twice so far and both have been amazing visits,” Williams said. “The coaches there show a tremendous amount of love. It’s beautiful there. The players have done an amazing job also recruiting me. If you’re from eastern Pennsylvania, you’re a Penn State fan for the most part. I like how I can relate to coach Trautwein. He played in the league and he went to Florida but I like what he preaches. He lets me know that the best five guys play. I think that’s just a cool thing that, potentially, you never know I could be at Penn State suited up starting as a freshman. You never know but I think that’s awesome to have in the back of my head.”

Michigan- “I talked to coach Harbaugh on FaceTime and coach Moore, their offensive line coach,” he said. “Coach Harbaugh, when I FaceTimed him, I felt the love and I didn’t have to go there to know everything they had to offer there. They had an amazing year and they wont he Joe Moore Award. If you’re a lineman, that makes it obvious they’re the best offensive line in college football.

“I haven’t talked to coach Harbaugh in a little while,” said Williams. “I talk to coach Moore a lot and coach Newsome a lot. I keep in close contact with them. They actually just came by my school also.

“To me, that’d be selfish for me to say ‘I want to be coached by coach Harbaugh’,” he said. “Michigan is just a great program by itself. In the Big Ten, they’re known as a run heavy team and I’m from a Wing-T offense so that’s another reason why schools like Michigan, Illinois, and Penn State are up there. I’d be so comfortable in a run heavy style offense.”

Pittsburgh- “They were my most recent visit and the city itself was something so different that it left a huge impression me,” Williams said. “Pittsburgh is just an amazing place. I’m from eastern Pennsylvania, as you know, so western Pennsylvania, with the bridges and the scenery, was different and cool. They were the first to offer me so we’ve been building a relationship for a while now.”

Illinois- “Illinois left a really, really big impression on me because coach Miller and coach Bielema come from Wisconsin and Wyoming,” he said. “I’ve done research and that’s where you want to go if you’re an offensive lineman. That’s where they create linemen like Joe Thomas. I know those guys know what they’re talking about. They didn’t have too great of a year but what they were preaching to me and the relationships I’ve built with the coaches at Illinois, I feel like that’s a huge reason why they made my top seven.”

Rutgers- “I have a friend, Cam’Ron Stewart, that goes there,” said Williams. “He and just the whole staff have done an amazing job recruiting me. When I went there, they kept me there pretty long after the game because they offered me while I was in attendance at the game. Although they lost, I just loved the love and support that the coaches gave and the way that they run things there. Coach Aurich, the offensive line coach, is a friend of my mentor, Ross Tucker, so he was one of the earlier coaches that I had spoken to.”

Ole Miss- “I felt like down south is a different sort of football,” he said. “The SEC is a different level of football. Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin and coach Jake Thornton, the offensive line coach, came to my game against Scranton Prep. To make that trip all the way to Pennsylvania, that meant a lot. They made sure that I was one of their top priorities. All the schools let me know that I’m their top priority. The send a lot of mail and that plays a roll to me because, for a coach to take time out of his day and just write me a quick note, that meant the world to me to know that they had my back.”

Michigan State- “Coach Kap came and visited my school,” Williams said. “He just explained to me everything. They also they had a pretty good year this year too. They were pretty successful in both the running and passing game. That’s another thing that stood out, they’re very balanced. They beat a lot of top tier teams this year and that played huge role also.”

On what’s coming next- “My recruitment is still 100-percent open, but I’m starting to get into planning official visits and just keeping the right state of mind,” he said. “As of right now out, I’m thinking of taking my officials in the beginning of the summer or late spring and hopefully making that commitment not too soon after.

“I’m going to the Rutgers Junior Day on the 29th, next weekend,” said Williams. “In March, when the dead period is over, I’ll be visiting Michigan and Michigan State. That’s still not confirmed but it is confirmed that I’m definitely visiting them before any new progression in my recruitment.”

Williams was careful not to tip his hand too much but it sounds like Penn State and Pittsburgh have done a great job recruiting him so far and his experiences while visiting both campuses have helped both schools standout in a major way. Rutgers is also going a very good job staying on Williams and keeping those relationships strong. It will be interesting to her about Williams’ visits to Michigan, Michigan State, Illinois, and Ole Miss when they do eventually happen. It seems like Michigan could gain a lot of ground if that visit goes well.

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