Nicole Kidman to continue making sure heartbreak feels good

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
Screenshot: AMC

For more than 100 years, people didn’t know what movie theaters were for. Most assumed they were simply outposts for audiences to get their monthly fix of Ryan Reynolds quipping about Colossus’ genitals. The greatest minds in art and science were forced to agree: Movie theaters were primarily spaces for Ryan Reynolds to mug at the camera and say, “Well, that just happened.”

Then something changed. Amid the meme-stock surge of 2021 and emboldened by support on crypto-obsessed Discord channels and Wall Street-minded subreddits, AMC Theatres decided to hire a spokesperson who would define movie theaters once and for all: Nicole Kidman.

In 91 words, Kidman explained that we come to theaters for magic, to laugh, to cry, and to care. Not because we’re getting paid, but rather because we need that, all of us. Despite what they’ll tell you at Warner Bros. Discovery, we go to the movies not just to be entertained but somehow reborn together. “Dazzling images on a huge silverscreen.”

Thankfully, that will continue. In today’s earnings call, AMC CEO Adam Aron announced that the cinematic savior and Academy Award-winning actor signed a contract to remain the spokesperson of the movie theater chain for another year.

The ad, which has galvanized cinephiles and shepherded them to a surprisingly healthy box office this summer, even helped bolster Kidman’s ex-husband’s movie about staying young forever in your big war machine. Kidman’s face appears before every AMC screening of Top Gun: Maverick, which has made more than a billion dollars worldwide. It’s so gracious of her to help her ex out like that. Who knows where that movie would be without Nicole?

But the important thing is that in this time of increased worry over the state of cinema, at AMC, Nicole Kidman will continue to make movies better, that, somehow, heartbreak will still feel good in a place like this.

AMC Theatres. We Make Movies Better.

[via Variety]

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