MLB trade deadline winners and losers: Padres score, Rockies bore

Well, that was a wild one. Congratulations on making it to the other side of the trade deadline—after the biggest deal in recent memory plus a whole bunch of others. Here’s a rundown of who won, who lost, and who fell somewhere in the middle:


San Diego Padres

They added a generational talent in his prime (Juan Soto), a serious rental bat (Josh Bell), an elite closer (Josh Hader) and a quality utilityman (Brandon Drury). They also moved Eric Hosmer (albeit while needing to eat most of his salary). Yes, this required giving up most of their top prospects, as well as first baseman Luke Voit and reliever Taylor Rogers. But that’s what it takes to get a player with the proven track record of Soto—who, it’s worth repeating, is still just 23 years old with two full additional seasons under team control. Simply put, San Diego is much better today than it was yesterday. An offense that was previously just okay now looks fearsome. They have enough depth to make some noise in October. Is it enough to win the division? Probably not. But that says more about the lead the Dodgers have built in the NL West than it does about the Padres. It’s certainly enough to make this team a whole lot more competitive down the stretch and into the playoffs. (Plus, it’s worth noting they did manage to hang on to some of their big prospects: catcher Luis Campusano and shortstop Jackson Merrill are still here.) And oh, yeah, they also extended Joe Musgrove. What a week for A.J. Preller.

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