Marlins’ Miguel Rojas opens up on Derek Jeter’s departure

Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter’s announcement that he was stepping down as Marlins CEO took most of the baseball world by surprise on Monday. Among those caught off guard? Miami shortstop Miguel Rojas.

Rojas, the longest-tenured current Marlin, spoke to Chris Rose of Jomboy Media after news of Jeter’s departure broke and expressed his appreciation for some of the moves that the club had taken this offseason, then admitted he did not see Jeter’s departure coming.

”I’m disappointed that I’m not gonna have Derek Jeter on my team anymore,” Rojas said. “When you have a relationship with a guy like him—the first thing that I remember is the things that he said when he came in 2018. He offered me and the boys a plan … one of the things I have to take away from all of this is the integrity of the man. The integrity of Derek Jeter, on and off the field … clearly, I’m disappointed, not having him anymore.”

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