Marc Maron signs new deal with podcast company Acast

Marc Maron signs new deal with podcast company Acast

Marc Maron
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One of podcasting’s pioneers is charting a new frontier. Marc Maron’s long-running and beloved podcast WTF With Marc Maron has a new home at Acast. The comedian signed on to join fellow creators like Anna Faris and Margaret Cho for a three-year deal with the podcast company.

What does this mean for devoted WTF fans? New episodes will still be available to all, but Acast will be the “exclusive host and sales partner for the podcast, its full back catalog and other related materials,” according to a press release. Really devoted fans can sign up for Acast+ for paid bonus content.

CEO of Acast Ross Adams called the partnership “a huge win” for the company “and for the open podcasting landscape, as this deal guarantees that the podcast can continue to be listened to by everyone, everywhere and on their preferred listening platform.”

“We’ve amassed an amazing catalog over the years and Acast offers us an opportunity to make it available in a way it hasn’t been before, especially in international markets. We’ve released two episodes every week for almost 13 years and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon,” Maron said in a statement. “Acast won’t stand in the way of us doing the show the way we want to do it, the way we like doing it, the way we’ve always done it. They’re excited and focused and I think the partnership will be very productive.”

Co-creator and producer Brendan McDonald added, “We take great pride in maintaining the high quality and universal accessibility of WTF, and we know we are in very safe hands with Acast. We will be utilizing both their expertise and innovative technologies, such as Acast+, to ensure our podcast stays ahead of the game. We look forward to sharing more and more great content with our listeners.”

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