Man’s fury at £5 kid’s meal in garden centre that was just five nuggets

Scott Kitching bought the meal for his dog at the garden centre Dobbies but only received the five nuggets without the sides as promised

The man popped into garden center Dobbies but was left shocked by the price of the meal he bought

A man was left furious after he paid for a kid’s meal that cost over £5 and only came with five nuggets and nothing else.

Scott Kitching said he visited Dobbies, a garden centre that often serves food, and wanted to buy a snack for himself, his partner, and their dog.

They decided to buy a kids chicken nuggets meal from the cafe inside for their dog to eat, which was supposed to come with a portion of chips or mash and garden peas.

Scott was going to give his pooch the nuggets and eat the chips and peas himself, but only received the nuggets, Edinburgh Live reported.

He said: “I did not realise the price until I looked at the receipt later. I was expecting maybe £2-3 as their mains tend to be around £7 for an adult but could not believe they charged me £5.20 for just five nuggets.

“To give that as a kids meal is ludicrous, where are the chips or the beans or the peas for the balance? It was not a meal that they gave me, even though they advertised it as such.”

Scott received 5 lackluster nuggets without any chips or peas

Scott said it was outrageous how expensive it was, especially as you could “get 30 chicken nuggets for £1.50 from Aldi” and compared the cost to the price of a similar meal at McDonalds.

“Folks are struggling for money at the moment and £5.20 for a kids meal is just madness,” he said.

He added that he hoped others were not getting ripped off, and expressed his shock at the price as he generally thought Dobbies was an affordable place to eat.

Scott was shocked by the price he was charged after checking his receipt

A spokesperson for Dobbies said: “We’re sorry to hear Mr Kitching wasn’t happy with his children’s meal. Our children’s meals are normally served with peas, chips or mash and a drink. We’d be delighted to welcome Mr Kitching back into the store to enjoy the full meal on us.”

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