Måneskin Played It Hard And Fast in ‘SNL’ Debut

Måneskin wasted no time on the stage of Studio 8H, playing their slinky, urgent earworm “Beggin” right away. Lead singer Damiano David moves in a way that can only be described as Big Marc Bolan Energy.

In three-inch leather boots and a heavy smokey eye, bandleader Damiano David sashayed between guitarist Thomas Raggi and bassist Victoria De Angelis, who supplied the licks.

The Italian glam-rockers blasted onto the global music scene after winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy with their pop-rock song “Zitti e buoni.” But it was the addictiveness of “Beggin” that turned the retro foursome into bona fide superstars.

For their second SNL performance, Måneskin performed their invigorating track, “I Wanna Be Your Slave.”

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