Man agrees to get tattoo of cafe owner’s face and wins free Irn Bru pies for life

A Rugby player from East Lothian has agreed to get a tattoo of a cafe owner’s face in a bid to bag himself a free supply of Irn Bru pies for the rest of his days

Derek Marr
Derek Marr

Nettie’s cafe in Edinburgh is well known in Scotland for its array of unusual and distinctive pies.

This range includes their famed Irn Bru pies, with patrons enjoying chicken and haggis mixture cooked in Irn Bru sauce and encased in pastry.

These pies have racked up stellar reviews online and one dad-of-four from East Lothian is apparently so partial that he’s agreed to get a tattoo of Nettie herself in exchange for a lifetime supply.

As reported by Edinburgh Live, rugby player Derek Marr – known as ‘the Hulk’ to friends – has agreed to have the cafe’s logo inked on his skin in order to bag himself a pie a day.

The cafe is known for its unique pie menu


Daily Record)

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The logo depicts the face of the establishment owner, who also happens to be his friend’s mother, Lynnette Shields.

Speaking with the publication, Lynnette Shields, 42, explained that the idea came about after she discovered that someone had tattooed the Greggs logo onto themselves as a means of securing free sausage rolls for life.

This stunt got Lynette thinking, and – towards the end of last year – she decided to put up a jokey social media post declaring she too would give away free pies if a customer did the same with their logo.

At the time, she didn’t expect the amount of local interest her post would garner.

The pie filling is made up of meat cooked in an Irn Bru sauce


Daily Record)

Lynette said: “We narrowed it down to just three guys and decided to run a wee competition and see which of the three of them could get the most likes and shares from their posts.

“The winner then got free pies for life. We drew it on Christmas Eve and a guy Derek Marr won. Derek works for the NHS and plays rugby with my son, but he is nicknamed the Hulk, so he had no problems accepting the challenge”.

Although he’s yet to get his body art, Derek has already been cashing in on his prize and for the past two weeks, he has been visiting Nettie’s on Saturday mornings to collect his pies which he then gives out at the local rugby club.

Derek will sit down in the tattooist’s chair at Brass Buddha Tattoos in Tranent on Saturday, February 5, where he will get inked up completely free of charge.

However, Lynette admits that she and her son are now getting slightly apprehensive as they wait to find out where exactly on Derek’s body the caricature of her face will end up.

She said: “My son plays rugby with him and he was joking saying to him ‘you better not get a tattoo of my mum on your a***. I don’t want to be seeing that when we go into the showers!’

“I am not quite sure, I hope he is going to get it on his leg but he is actually keeping it a secret just now and won’t tell anyone”.

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