Madeleine McCann news – New evidence about chief suspect Christian B leaves investigators ‘shocked’ & could solve case

‘We’re in the dark because it’s an active investigation’

A McCann family source told The Sun Online: “Police don’t tell us what’s going on, we’re in the dark because it’s an ongoing investigation.

“But if it is him, and there’s no direct and conclusive evidence he may never say a word. He’s not saying a word now.

“He’s locked up for other crimes, so at least he’s in the best place – in jail.

“Portuguese police had looked at him before and last year they looked at him again. We don’t know what this means but without a confession we may never know.

“We don’t know what evidence police have.

“It may be, sadly, that we may never know what happened to Madeleine. But we hope to find out. We keep hoping after all these years.”

In November 2021, Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry revealed that they “have hope” they will find their daughter after missing Australian toddler Cleo Smith was found alive and well.

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