Love Island news LIVE – Fans AMAZED at shock comments by Gemma Owen’s lookalike aunt

GEMMA OWEN’s aunt Lesley and cousin Ellie look identical to her on Sunday night’s After Sun, as they defend Gemma and Luca.

Gemma Owen‘s lookalike aunt and cousin praised her on After Sun, and they were adamant she would not be rekindling with her old flame, Jacques O’Neil.

Her aunt Lesley and cousin Ellie, told host Laura Whitmore how Gemma, 19, is just friends with ex-boyfriend Jacques, 23.

She told Laura when asked if there was a chance: “No, it’s definitely done. They’re just friends. Definitely friends.”

However, fans weren’t buying it as one said on Twitter: “gemma and jacques are 100% getting back together #loveisland.”

Another said: “I keep on saying it, but I’ll say it again, ITV will be aiming for a Gemma and Jacques love story and we will get a reality show with them after they win. 110% #LoveIsland.”

Jacques, is currently coupled up with Paige. Viewers are yet to see more of their blossoming romance after they shared their first kiss on Monday night’s episode.

While fans think they are cute togther, many think heartbreak could be on the horizon for Paige, 24.

One fan Tweeted: “Paige and Jacques are so cute but I just know he’s going to break her heart #LoveIsland.”

Another agreed: “paige and jacques are so cute but i have a bad feeling… #loveIsland.”

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  • Recently dumped Afia Tonkmor revealed Islanders don’t know who Gemma Owen’s dad is

    Afia was dropped from the Island in a recent recoupling, but has confirmed that she didn’t know who Gemma’s dad is.

    In an Instagram Q&A she revealed that no one discussed who Gemma’s dad is.

    However with her ex boyfriend in the villa, he does clearly know who Gemma’s dad is but they may be keeping it under wraps.

    She said: “If they do know, nobody really cares. It wasn’t spoke about in my presence.”

  • Jacques and Paige nominated to hit the hideaway tonight

    Following their adorable first kiss, the two have been sent to the hideaway for a naughty night together.

    Jacques admitted to feeling “nervous” before kissing the paramedic Paige.

    She told the cameras in the beach hut that what she has with Jacques is “more than enough” but she won’t let on yet.

    The two look pretty smitten together, as Jacques tells her to get her “best underwear on.”


  • Love Island: First Look released ahead of tonight’s DUMPING

    Viewers could be in for an emotional episode after two Islanders are to be dumped tonight.

    The official Love Island Twitter page has just released it’s First Look, whipping up viewers into a frenzy, as we are all dying to know which two have been dropped from the show.

  • Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri: Facts!

    All about blonde babe Tasha Ghouri.

    Tasha’s parents didn’t know she was deaf in her first years of life. She was actually born deaf, and had the cochlear implant surgery to hear when she was around five years old.

    The model and dancer hails from Thirsk in Yorkshire.

    Despite her unusual surname, Tasha is British. However Ghouri is an Arabic name.

    According to Wikipedia, the name originates from “the Ghor region of present-day central Afghanistan came to Indian peninsula during the successive Muslim invasion in the 11th century.”

    Tasha learnt to dance at the Creative Academy, on Stoke Poges Lane, in Slough, Berkshire.

    Speaking to fellow contestants on Love Island recently, she told them how dancing helps her hear, as she relies on counting and the bass as she can’t always quite hear the music as everyone else would.

  • When will Casa Amor shake things up?

    The Islanders are now two weeks in, but when will the ultimate test hit couples?

    Casa Amor is usually introduced around half way through, so with this year’s series being around eight weeks long, we can expect Casa Amor to be hitting Islanders in two to three weeks.

    Half the Islanders, most commonly the boys, are sent on a four day long getaway with brand new girls.

    Sometimes, producers shake it up even more, and send the girls to Casa Amor instead.

  • Love Island presenters earnings per series

    The whopping pay cheques that the hosts of Love Island reportedly take home each series.

    It has been revealed previously that host Laura Whitmore bags £600,000 per series of Love Island.

    It is claimed by the Mirror that her husband, Iain Sterling, who is the narrator of the show earns around £100,000.

    Viewers were baffled that Laura barely appears physically on the show, but she announced she was banned from the villa due to the pandemic.

    However, she does host After Sun on a Sunday night, but her lack of presence in the villa is noted.

  • Last year’s winner Millie Court thinks Tasha and Andrew could go the distance

    Speaking with co-star Toby Aromolaran on his Fancy and Chat podcast, she spilled the beans on her opinion of the two.

    Despite being in the bottom six Islanders in the public’s opinion, Millie thinks that Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri could be a good match.

    She told Toby: “I personally think they could go quite long.

    “I think he really likes her, and she’s going to play the field.”

    However she did warn that Andrew could get his heart broken: “If someone comes in that is better, she’s sacking Andrew off.”

    Millie said that if Tasha and Andrew work really hard they could be really cute together.

  • Gemma Owen’s signature necklace

    You might have spotted Gemma’s stunning necklace, which is thought to be a vintage Tiffany “Kiss” choker necklace.

    Her jewellery is statemented and simple, with a stunningly unusual gold choker necklace.

    The 19-year-old seemingly only sticks to the necklace, and doesn’t wear earrings or bracelets.

    Gemma looks gorgeous in her necklace which looks very similar to a vintage “Kiss” choker necklace, worth around £2,000.

  • Paige and Jacques share adorable first kiss

    The two took their relationship to the next level in last night’s episode.

    Paige and Jacques had their first kiss outside of any challenges in last night’s episode of Love Island.

    Neither of them have had a first kiss yet, and Jacques initiated after the two have grown closer since coupling up.

  • Love Island now a TWO-HORSE RACE, bookies say

    IT IS NOW A TWO-HORSE RACE to win this year’s Love Island crown, according to Ladbrokes.

    After Paige and Jacques shared their first kiss on Monday night’s episode, the bookies responded by slashing their odds of going all the way to just 11/4, while long-time frontrunners Luca and Gemma are just behind them in the betting at 3/1.

    Elsewhere, every other couple are currently 8/1 or bigger to win the series as things stand.

    Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Paige and Jacques are fast-becoming the nation’s favourites in the villa this year, and after sharing their first kiss together last night, their odds of going all the way have shortened once again.”

    Ladbrokes Latest Betting

    Love Island Winning Couple

    Jacques and Paige – 11/4

    Luca and Gemma – 3/1

    Andrew and Tasha – 8/1

    Dami and Indiyah – 8/1

    Luca and Paige – 16/1

  • Fans rooting for Indiyah and Dami

    Gorgeous Indiyah and Dami certainly have strong chemistry, as they decide to explore whether they are compatible.

    Indiyah graciously opened up to Ikenna in last nights episode.

    She told him they are better off as friends, and he highlighted that Indiyah and Dami definitely have a spark.

    Ikenna took the news really well, and they decided to stay friends.

    Speaking with Dami, he told Indiyah that he wanted her in his bed…

    Fans went wild on Twitter, one wrote: “I’m here squealing like a little girl for Dami and Indiyah eeeeeek #LoveIsland.”

    Another wrote: “Hate me but dami and indiyah should have been a couple from the start #LoveIsland.”

    A third wrote: “im in love with dami and indiyah already #loveisland.”

    Unfortunately, Amber is coupled up with Dami, and is completely unaware of the situation.

    How will she take it when she discovers Dami has eyes for Indiyah?

  • Love Island fans reveal who they think has been DUMPED

    Fans think that it could be a troublesome couple who get the chop.

    Six Islanders are at risk of being dumped from Love Island.

    Shockingly, Tasha and Andrew are at risk as well as Amber, Ikenna, Ekin-Su and Jay.

    Fans think they have worked out who will be getting dumped, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

    One fan said: “davide packing ekin-su’s suitcase and jay crying @LoveIsland #LoveislandUK.”

    Another wrote: “AINT NO WAY EKIN-SU IS ABOUT TO LEAVE THE VILLA #LoveIsland.”

    A third wrote: “If Ekin Su goes home I don’t wanna hear you bitches go on about how dead this season is #LoveIsland.”

  • Ekin-Su’s risky texts before entering the villa

    In messages seen by The Sun, she said some awkward things about her fellow Islanders.

    It is unclear how these messages were leaked.

    Reportedly, she said: “Gemma Owen is only 19! I reckon she would be my little sista in there.

    “She’s a baby LMAO.”

    She added: “No fit girls though. Or guys.”

  • Gemma tells Ekin-Su exactly what she thinks, ‘You’re calculating’

    It was the girls vs Ekin-Su last night after tensions between the actress and other contestant Amber came to the surface.

    Amber has made it obvious she doesn’t like Ekin, rolling her eyes and yawning every time Ekin opens her mouth.

    When they finally aired their thoughts, Gemma, who is the youngest, was the only one to air her thoughts.

    Very articulately put, Gemma said: “We’re speaking up now.”

    “It is unfair to just blame it completely on Amber because I think some of the other girls have seen a little bit of a difference as well.”

    As she referred to Ekin’s personality change.

  • Maybe there’s hope for Danica and Luca after all

    Luca was distraught when Danica chose him.

    By choosing Luca, Danica ‘stole’ him from Gemma Owen on this year’s Love Island, the 19-year-old daughter of former Liverpool and England footballer, Michael Owen.

    Despite the sadness he felt being away from Gemma, Luca and Danica won last night’s challenge – they may make a pretty good team after all.

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  • ‘Sickening’

    Love Island viewers threaten to complain to Ofcom after ‘traumatising’ return of ‘disgusting’ challenge.

    Fans looked away from their screens as islanders had to swap cocktails from each other’s mouths.

    One fan said: “Disgusting challenge.”

    Another said: “So sickening.”

  • Chop chop

    One boy and one girl will be dumped from the island – but fans won’t learn their fate until Tuesday night’s instalment.

    Those facing the chop are IkennaJay and Andrew, along with Tasha, Amber and Ekin-Su.

    This is the second cliffhanger in days, with viewers having to wait until Sunday night to find out the results of Friday’s recoupling.

    Venting on Twitter, one fan raged: “Another cliffhanger? Why?!”

  • Brutal

    Love Island fans have blasted the show after they were left on tenterhooks thanks to another HUGE cliffhanger.

    Viewers watched a whopping six islanders find out that they are facing the chop on Monday night before the ITV2 programme cut off.

  • Love swap

    LOVE Island’s Dami Hope made his move on Indiyah as she admitted there’s ‘energy’ between them.

    It may be time for a change in the villa as Dami, who is currently paired with Amber Beckford, appears to have his eye on another housemate.

  • Love Island’s Laura Whitmore defends herself from ‘humiliation’ criticism

    Laura Whitmore has been criticised by Love Island fans.

    On the departure show, Aftersun, Laura Whitmore introduced Remi Lambert.

    Due to such a short stint on Love Island, Remi didn’t have the opportunity to really show who he was, apart from one freestyle rap.

    So on Aftersun, Whitmore asked Remi to do another one. The contestant was unable to think of a final line leading fans to criticise Laura.

    One said: “Hope #LoveIsland supports Remi. He looked broken on #Loveislandaftersun. Asking him to rap was done in bad faith and to humiliate. I thought @thewhitmore & crew were supposed to ‘BE KIND’”

    Laura responded defending herself though: “Remi is a rapper and asked in good faith in advance if he’d rap and prepare something which he did.”

    She added: “Live Telly is nerve wrecking, believe me, so maybe he was a bit nervous but he deserved to have his time. Also I want to make Remi & Afia happen!”

  • ‘Sickening’

    Love Island viewers threaten to complain to Ofcom after ‘traumatising’ return of ‘disgusting’ challenge.

    Fans looked away from their screens as islanders had to swap cocktails from each other’s mouths.

    One fan said: “Disgusting challenge.”

    Another said: “So sickening.”

  • Millie Court put weight on after Love Island and couldn’t be happier

    The former contestant has admitted to eating very little ahead of entering the villa.

    Speaking Cosmopolitan UK, Millie spoke about her extreme weight loss for the show.

    Love Island is known to have very ‘in-shape’ contestants with covetable bodies, but Millie has shared her unhealthy experience which has led to a healthy weight-gain journey.

    She said: “There was a point where people thought I was pregnant because I was putting on loads of weight.

    “When I was on Love Island I was a size 6 but now I’m a size 10.”

    The 24-year-old went on: “But I prefer me as a 10 because I’ve got my boobs back, I’ve got my bum back and I’ve got curves.

    “So, I don’t really care what the newspapers have got to say about me being a size 10.

  • Danica was reportedly told to steal Luca

    Producers of Love Island allegedly told Danica to cause a stir on the villa.

    Despite his closeness with Gemma Owen, Luca Bish was ‘stolen’ by new arrival Danica.

    It’s been reported that the creators of the ITV show told to choose Luca in a bit to create suspense and drama in the villa.

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