Kate Berlant and John Early will get their own comedy special

Dynamic duo John Early and Kate Berlant

Dynamic duo John Early and Kate Berlant
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Kate Berlant and John Early are scene-stealers in everything they’re in, and when they’re together, it’s even better. The best friends have been collaborating for years, appearing together in shows like Search Party and Life & Beth, and doing stand-up sets together. But somehow, nobody had given them the comedy special they deserve—that is, until now.

Peacock announced that an hour-long sketch comedy special called Would It Kill You To Laugh? Starring Kate Berlant & John Early is set to premiere this summer. The streaming service has yet to announce an official premiere date. It’s exciting enough knowing Berlant and Early are getting their own special, but it’s extra cool that the special will be produced by A24.

According to a press release from Peacock, the special will feature the duo “playing exaggerated versions of themselves as they reunite after suffering a public falling out many years earlier. Berlant and Early will also play an unpredictable variety of characters throughout.” Meredith Vieira, for whatever reason, is also going to be in it.

Berlant, Early, and co-executive producer Andrew DeYoung gave a joint statement, saying, “We are eternally grateful to Peacock for giving us this opportunity to make the nation laugh. The three of us could not be happier to be back together again making a big batch of sketches for you all.”

This isn’t the first time DeYoung, who directed episodes of PEN15 and Shrill, has worked with the comedic duo. He directed the short film Rachel, starring Berlant and Early. That short was co-written by the three of them and it’s a very different kind of project, that Berlant described as a “thriller” that’s “based on true events,” where she plays an increasingly obnoxious guest at a get-together.

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