IMG 2025 QB Ryan Downes setting Big Ten and SEC game day visits

BRADENTON, Fla. – Ryan Downes got a baptism by fire last season taking over the helm for IMG Academy replacing senior AJ Duffy (FSU) as the starter. Then a freshman, Downes stepped up catching next level recruiting eyes reporting five offers. A big part of the summer was spent by the 2025 gunslinger showcasing his arm at college camps with a trio of schools set to see him again this fall.

Downes listed off his college camp schedule.

“I started with Clemson and UNC, then I got a chance to hit Auburn, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Penn State, Michigan, and Notre Dame,” Downes said. “I got a chance to go to all of those places.”

The wing was on fire by the time Downes hit the Big 12 portion of his camp circuit.

“My top camp performance, definitely at the Texas and Oklahoma camps,” Downes stated. “I thought I was hitting my stride towards the end, even at Notre Dame and Michigan. The first half was kind of getting back into the swing of things. I definitely enjoyed all the places I went. It was great to meet some of the new staff and catch up with some of the old ones I had met in the past.”

A fall visit schedule is in the works for Downes.

“I’m pretty sure I will go to Auburn, Penn State, and Florida as of right now,” Downes said. “I’m trying to figure out which ones I can get to because we have our own games to win.”

Previewing the potential game-day visits, Downes covered ground on why he wants to see the Big Ten and SEC teams in action.

Auburn: “I think they are doing a great job with the new staff that came in. I have been able to build some really great connections with some of the coaches there so far. They are in a great conference, and they are going to come back, and that is a great school. I think they will be a powerhouse in the SEC again really soon.”

Penn State: “The relationships I have been able to build with the coaching staff, especially with coach (Mike) Yurcich; they have been great. I have been able to talk to them a good deal, and Happy Valley is a great place. I’ve loved it up there every time I have been. I’m excited to get to a game up there and see the game-day atmosphere.”

Florida: “It is great being down here because you are able to build a relationship with Florida because they are so close. Some guys on the team, (OG) Knijeah (Harris) is one, is going along with a few other guys. Over the past couple of years, I have been able to come closer with the staff at Florida and that has continued with the changeover. They have great people up there, and I think they are great coaches but more importantly better people.”

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