I tried the cheapest wedding dresses I could find including a $19 gown from Fashion Nova & was shocked by the results

WEARING your dream wedding dress can take a chunk of money out of your budget for the big day.

Shocked by the prices of wedding dresses, one budget shopper bought all the cheap ones she could find and was surprised by the results.

YouTuber Hope buys cheap wedding dresses online


YouTuber Hope buys cheap wedding dresses onlineCredit: Youtube / HopeScope
Some of them are surprisingly great finds


Some of them are surprisingly great findsCredit: Youtube / HopeScope

Every couple has different priorities when it comes to their wedding spending.

Some brides splurge on the perfect dress, while others prefer to save money for the actual event.

Regardless, it’s getting more difficult to find an affordable gown.

YouTube’s budgeting pro Hope was appalled by the surge in wedding dress prices and decided to find all the cheap ones she could.

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She posted a video revealing all the dresses she found, and her finds are shocking.

“Have you seen the prices of wedding dresses these days? On average, they cost $2,500. Rental companies cost hundreds and thousands of dollars just to borrow one,” Hope begins.

“Today, we are going to find the best, the worst, and the cheapest options out there.”

Initially, she thought she would find cheap options on Asos or Lulus, but she didn’t.

Amazon was the first contender in affordability and quality.

Hope comes across the $74.99 Likedpage Women’s Lace Mermaid Bridal Wedding Dress.

This dress has intricate detailing and appears to be a hit amongst Amazon shoppers as it has elicited almost 3,000 ratings.

“It’s just your classic mermaid wedding gown,” Hope explains.

The dress sizes range from 2 to 26.

“Wow, it actually looks really pretty. You’d never guess, honestly, that it’s from Amazon. Honestly, every single person looks amazing in it,” Hope says, scrolling through the photos online.

When the dress arrives, Hope doesn’t believe the package has the wedding dress inside.

“It’s so lightweight. It does smell like formaldehyde. I probably shouldn’t put stuff like this on my skin without washing it,” she admits.

Hope doesn’t think the quality is great, but in pictures, it looks better.

According to Hope, this Amazon dress is worth getting


According to Hope, this Amazon dress is worth gettingCredit: Youtube / HopeScope
She doesn't think this Fashion Nova one is


She doesn’t think this Fashion Nova one isCredit: Youtube / HopeScope

Hope scours the Shein site to see if any are worth trying.

While the prices are somewhat low, the styles aren’t what she’s looking for.

Next, Hope moves to the Fashion Nova site to find even cheaper options.

She buys the cheapest one on the entire site.

The dress is the $19.99 Statement Moment Velvet Midi Dress, no longer available online in white.

“It’s like a bachelorette dress. Oh no look you can see my whole underwear. Also, it’s shedding everywhere. I mean there’s a reason this was the cheapest option,” Hope admits.

Hope tries Fashion Nova’s $30.99 Night Life Bandage Mini Dress.

The Night Life Bandage Dress is one of Hope's favorites


The Night Life Bandage Dress is one of Hope’s favoritesCredit: Youtube / HopeScope

“I actually really like it. The fabric’s nice even though it’s a little sheer. For $32, I kind of like it,” she says.

Hope gets the best seller option as well.

This is the $34.98 Selling Looks Satin Maxi Dress.

“It’s very elegant and timeless. I can see why this one is the best seller because it can be used for a variety of events,” Hope says.

Hope puts on the worst dress she could find next.

And this satin one is too


And this satin one is tooCredit: Youtube / HopeScope
Hope thinks this is the worst dress on the Fashion Nova site, and it feels like costume material


Hope thinks this is the worst dress on the Fashion Nova site, and it feels like costume materialCredit: Youtube / HopeScope

According to Hope, the $31.98 Live For Tonight Satin Maxi Gown feels like Halloween costume material.

“I already hate this one,” she proclaims.

She isn’t getting “wedding vibes” wedding vibes from the $69.99 The Most Elegant Sequin Maxi Dress.

However, she does like it, except for the sequins under the arms.

Finally, Hope tries the most expensive gown on the site.

She puts on the $99 Her Special Day Gown.

This all-lace pick is no longer available online.

But it doesn’t matter because Hope thinks the slit is too high in the front.

Viewers loved how Hope was looking for affordable dresses and shared their experiences finding their own.

“I actually just did this. I’m getting married in July and found my dress a couple weeks ago… On Etsy of all places,” one bride wrote.

Another wedding saver added: “I bought a dress from the thrift store for $1 for my daughter and she will look like a million bucks on her wedding day.”

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