I Think You Should Leave duo to take HBO Max to Computer School

I Think You Should Leave

I Think You Should Leave
Photo: Kevin Estrada/NETFLIX

The duo behind weirdo Netflix sketch comedy series I Think You Should Leave is getting back together, with Variety reporting that Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin are developing a comedy pilot for HBO Max called Computer School. Robinson will be starring as a man attending a computer class with his nephew (a recent high school grad) in suburban Michigan.

That may not sound like something that can carry a TV pilot, let alone an entire show, but… Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin have earned some trust, right? Better TV shows have been made with weaker premises. It’s hard to tell just what kind of madcap zaniness Robinson will get up to in a computer class from this slim pitch. Maybe he’ll crash a computer car into computer class while he’s dressed as a computer and do that “we’re all trying to figure out who did this” thing? That’s just the first I Think You Should Leave reference we could think of.

In addition to I Think You Should Leave, Robinson and Kanin co-created Comedy Central’s cult hit Detroiters with Sam Richardson and Joe Kelly. That show was about two buddies working at an ad agency in Detroit, which is still slightly more of a high-concept show than the one they’re giving us for this Computer School project we know very little about.

There is not much else to say about this project, since we know nothing about it and there’s not much to say about it, but Robinson and Kanin are also part of the Documentary Now! family, so maybe they will be working on the new season of that as well. They previously worked on “Any Given Sunday Afternoon,” the bowling episode, which aired as part of the show’s original final season and featured Bobby Moynihan, Robinson, and Michael C. Hall.

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