Facebook goes down for thousands of users unable to access their accounts

Brits around the UK have been struggling to access Facebook with more than 4,000 people saying that they could not get onto the social media website around the country

More than 3,600 people reported they had problems accessing the site
More than 3,600 people reported they had problems accessing the site

Thousands of Facebook users around the UK are struggling to access the social media website, it is reported.

More than 4,000 people reported they had problems accessing the site around the country.

Most people who are struggling to use Facebook are finding problems via their mobile apps, with 75% the reports coming over this with only 7% having trouble with the website, according to

There are currently 3,624 people who have said they are experiencing a Facebook outage.

The cases appear to be evenly distributed around the UK with hotspots in London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.

But there are also smaller pockets of people having difficulty the length and breadth of the country.

Many users have stated their problems from logging on to being able to comment.

One person wrote: “App issues. Nothing loading.”

Another said: “Newsfeed won’t load on app.”

Similarly a Facebook user wrote: “Comments and links to and from posts not working or opening.”

One said: “I’m having problems uploading videos to Facebook. This has been going on for 24 hours now.”

Another wrote: “Nothing is loading, notifications, friends, profiles, stories.”

Problems were with the apps mainly with one person saying: “My likes are not showing and can’t add anyone or look at other people’s profiles.”

There have been over 5,000 people commenting on having problems.

Facebook has been contacted for comment.

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