D23 uncovers National Treasure: Edge Of History trailer

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Screenshot: Disney

The long-dormant National Treasure series is returning without Nicolas Cage. Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is something of an adventure movie master, having slammed evil in The Phantom in 1996, takes over as the star-power in the movie that dares to ask, what if that all-seeing eye on the dollar bill unlocked a secret door or something. They did get Harvey Keitel and everyone’s favorite Hangover star Justin Bartha to bring help some gravitas to the show.

Well, the first two episodes of the new Disney+ series land on the streamer on December 14, and well, it looks like a National Treasure, sans the gonzo stylings of its star. However, this show has an equally bizarre plot. It follows the daughter of Ben Gates, who learns that, get this, everything she knew about her father was a lie. Gates, for his part, is technically dead at the beginning of the series. Although, they have a plan, apparently, to bring Gates back if Cage wants back in.

Here’s the synopsis:

National Treasure Edge of History” is an expansion of the National Treasure movie franchise told from the point of view of a young heroine, Jess – a brilliant and resourceful DREAMer in search of answers about her family – who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to uncover the truth about the past and save a lost Pan-American treasure.

National Treasure: Edge Of History | Official Trailer | Disney+

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