Britney Spears’ lawyer slams Jamie for asking to depose her

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, claims she’s gone on a social media campaign to trash him and wants her to answer for it in a deposition, according to court documents obtained by Page Six on Friday.

The former conservator’s attorney, Alex Weingarten, writes in the June 16 filing that the pop icon, 40, “continues to make public social media posts containing incendiary allegations of various factual matters,” and therefore should be forced to sit down for a deposition herself.

Weingarten adds that he would also like to depose Britney over statements her attorney, Matthew Rosengart, has made in public court filings and her own words in her June 23, 2021 and July 14, 2021 testimonies.

However, Rosengart told Page Six Friday that Jamie, 69, “impugned” his character “long ago.”

“Mr. Spears, who was ignominiously suspended by the Court in September, continues to disgrace himself, especially through this most-recent foolish and ill-advised filing, which is riddled with errors and falsehoods, as he himself knows,” the former federal prosecutor said.

“In addition to trying to bully his own daughter, he is now pathetically reduced to trying to intimidate her, while abusing the legal process and running and hiding from his own deposition. Anyone else would be ashamed by these tactics, but he and his representatives are truly shameless. In terms of ‘impugning his character,’ Mr. Spears did that to himself long ago.”

Both sides have been unable to successfully schedule a deposition, claiming that the other party is dodging their respective requests.

In May, Rosengart claimed in court documents obtained by Page Six that Jamie was “running and hiding from his deposition and accounting for his misconduct — under oath — as required by law.”

However, in Weingarten’s latest filing, he provides a copy of an email sent on Jan. 26, 2022, in which the attorney told Rosengart’s firm that Jamie would agree to be deposed if they could settle on a date to depose Britney that same week.

“Ideally, we would agree to conduct these depositions in early March, with them either occurring on consecutive days or at least the same week,” he added.

Britney Spears and Jamie Spears walking together.
Britney and Jamie’s attorneys have not been able to successfully schedule depositions in the ongoing investigation about her conservatorship.
shaRRp / Splash News

Rosengart responded on March 2, 2022, rejecting Weingarten’s request to depose Britney, noting that they “seek to continue to protect our client from further trauma and abuse.”

“While the deposition of James Spears is warranted, indeed necessary, there is no
legitimate, good faith basis for taking the deposition of Britney Spears,” the former federal prosecutor argued.

“To the contrary, your client’s stated ‘intention’ to take our client’s deposition is, in our view and under the law, but another tactic to bully, harass, and intimidate his daughter—his own daughter.”

Jamie’s attorney argued Thursday that because Britney’s counsel has “refused to provide dates for Britney’s deposition and repeatedly stated Britney will not sit for a deposition absent a court order (and perhaps not even then),” they are asking the Court to intervene.

On Sept. 29, 2021, Jamie was suspended from Britney’s conservatorship after 13 years, in which he allegedly took advantage of her funds and spied on her.

Britney Spears and Jamie Spears posing for a pic.
Jamie served as Britney’s conservator, overseeing her personal and financial affairs, from 2008 to 2021.
Britney Spears/Instagram

Then, on Nov. 12, 2021, Judge Brenda Penny of the Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled to terminate the “Toxic” singer’s conservatorship.

Since she’s obtained full control of her life, she has turned to social media to air out her grievances with Jamie and other members of her family.

In March, Britney claimed she once considered getting a boob job after her dad allegedly “body-shamed” her and also said he “stripped” her of her womanhood when he became her conservator.

Earlier this week, Britney deleted her Instagram, just a few days after tying the knot with Sam Asghari and sharing happy moments with her fans from her big day.

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