£4.5m National Lottery winner’s kids charity ‘probed over allegations of financial misconduct’

A LOTTO winner’s kids charity is being investigated by watchdogs over allegations of “financial misconduct”, say reports.

Barry Chuwen, 52, won £4.5million in 1997 and invested it in commercial premises, including some of Glasgow‘s most exclusive addresses.

The Lottery winner also set up The Teddy Bear Foundation with wife Jenny in 2004, after they tragically had a stillborn baby at six months.

The charity claimed to have spent a total of nearly £500,000 to take children with special needs to Euro Disney – as well as providing them riding lessons, massage sessions and sensory gardens.

According to the Daily Record, OSCR are investigating payments made by the charity to a company connected to one of its trustees last year.

They have now taken action to make sure that any property owned by the charity can’t be sold.

OSCR said: “We are concerned that there has been misconduct in the administration of the charity and consider it necessary and desirable to take protective action in respect of the charity’s property.

“We have therefore issued a formal direction to the charity’s bank preventing it from parting with any property of the charity without OSCR’s consent.”

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  • The Lottery: Rapist scandal over fraud

    Edward Putman forged a fake winning ticket, WON the money illegally and bought a house with it.

    An insider worker for Camelot gave Giles Knibbs someone else’s unclaimed numbers. The two plotted to split the £2.5 million money pot.

    When he got out of prison in 2009 after raping a 17-year-old he bought a £700,000 house with his fake spoils.

    Conman Edward didn’t give Giles his share, and gave him just £330,000 instead of £1 million.

    Giles took his own life, and Edward was prisoned for nine years.

  • Michael Carroll: Sex, drugs and rock and roll

    His wife left him in 2003, just one month after they wedded after being appalled by his constant parties and cheating.

    Sandra was horrified by his constant orgies and partying. She said he was always on a cocaine binge, and had enough.

    She left him and got £1.4 million of his £9 million fund.

    He lost his fortune in 2010, eight years after winning it and ended up working for £10 an hour.

  • Holiday luck! Sharon and Nigel Sale’s shock win

    The couple didn’t realise they have won the Lottery until they got home from their holiday.

    They won £12 million in 2010. At the time Nigel was 55 and Sharon was 50.

    Sharon realised they won the Euromillions once they got home, and they ordered a Chinese takeaway to celebrate.

    One of their first purchases was a bungalow for Nigel’s elderly father, before splashing out on a new home in Wales.

  • Lottery robbery! All about Adrien Bayford’s mansion raid

    The former postman won a whopping £148 million in 2012.

    His £6 million mansion was raided of £100,000 worth of goods.

    This included jewellery, clothes and high value watches.

    Around about £8,000 worth of cash was also taken, and no official arrests were made.

  • Winners of £161 million, Scotland’s Colin and Christine Weir

    The couple were shocked to find out they had bagged the colossal sum of money in 2011.

    They won the Euromillions, and after splashing the cash on fabulous homes set up a charity in 2013.

    Colin and Christine ended up donating a lot of their money to The Weir Charitable Trust.

    It is a charity that looks after local communities and wildlife.

    The two parted ways in 2019, and Colin sadly passed away three months later.

  • Near death experience for UK Lottery winner

    Jane Park became a millionaire aged 17, and nearly died as a result of a botched operation…

    She won £1 million in 2013, and went under the knife for a Brazillian bum lift in 2017.

    This is one of the MOST dangerous plastic surgery procedures, with the highest mortality rate.

    Jane quickly fell ill after the operation, and ended up back in hospital.

    In total she has spent £50,000 on changing the way she looks.

  • To go public or to keep it zipped?

    If you won the Lottery, would you make it publicly known?

    Did you know around 85 per cent of Lottery winners decide to keep their news a secret?

    However in the USA, in some states winners aren’t allowed to keep it a secret!

    The only US states where winners can keep it quiet are: Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Texas, Ohio and South Carolina.

  • The tragic life of Britain’s first National Lottery rollover winner

    Mukhtar Mohidin was 42 when he won the Lottery in 1994, landing a life changing £17.9 million.

    He lived with his wife Sayeeda and three children in Blackburn. He came from humble beginnings, working in a local factory.

    The winning brought a bad omen on the family, and Sayeeda and Mukhtar divorced in 1998 after embroiling themselves in constant bitter arguments.

    Following the divorce he shacked up with a sex worker, named Charlotte and they had a daughter together in 2002. They split after having blazing rows.

    He eventually moved back to Blackburn, and resided in a cheap £35 a night hotel before dying aged 64 in Berkshire.

    Mukhtar was buried in an unmarked grave.

  • The first Lottery draw in 1994: What was it like?

    The Lottery first hit the UK in 1994, and was presented by Noel Edmonds!

    Did you know the first Lottery numbers to be picked were: 30, 3, 5, 44, 14 and 22 with a bonus ball of 10.

    There were seven jackpot winners who all got a share of the prize, £5,874,778.

  • Where in the UK has the MOST Lottery winners?

    Is there a certain part of the UK that wins the most cash?

    According to The National Lottery winners map, the region in England with the most millionaires to date is the South East very closely followed by the Midlands.

    There are 776 millionaires in the South East, and 758 in the Midlands.

    The region in England with the least amount of millionaires is the North East with only 257 millionaires.

  • The Lottery: Did you know almost £3,000 is donated every minute?

    That is around £50 every second!

    In figures, roughly 28p from every £1 spent on all Lottery tickets tickets is donated to The Good Causes Fund. Incredible!

    Around £850 million has been raised to help those who are lonely and isolated in the UK.

  • What happened to the UK’s youngest lottery winner?

    Callie Rogers won £1.6 million in 2003, and blew her fortune on parties and surgery.

    Callie Rogers was just 16, and worked as a check out girl in her local Co-op.

    Life changed overnight when she won £1.6 million. She splashed the cash on three breast enlargements, parties and clothes.

    Callie then gave almost HALF her fortune to friends and family.

    She blew all the cash, and ended up on Universal Credit. The lottery winner now calls for more protection for young winners.

  • What happens to unclaimed winnings?

    Believe it or not, there are individuals out there with millions pinned to their name and they don’t know it!

    The National Lottery fund will only hold onto the money for 180 days, and during that time they try to locate their lucky winners.

    After the six months if the winners aren’t found or don’t come forward, the money is donated to local charities and projects.

  • Thwaites celebrated with intimate family gathering

    Asked on how they celebrated their win, lottery winner Jess Thwaite said: “We’ve had a family meal, we went and had a family meal so we could share with our family.

    “To tell the truth, we bought bedroom furniture. We bought a chest of drawers and a wardrobe.

    “Other than that we haven’t done anything.”

    Asked if they would reach out for advice from past lottery winners, Joe Thwaite said: “We want as much advice as we can get.”

  • Should you always choose the ‘luckiest’ numbers?

    Experts have warned against following the crowd and picking the most “popular” or frequently occurring numbers.

    Number seven is often regarded as lucky across the world. However, it is one of the most underdrawn and overdue numbers yet.

    13 is the least frequently drawn number across multiple nations. But it’s worth considering, as many avoid this “unlucky” number.

  • Saturday nights Lottery numbers are in!

    The National Lottery draw has taken place, with £7.1m Lotto jackpot and the Thunderball.

    The winning results for the Lotto are 12, 15, 25, 37, 48 and 57.

    Meanwhile, the all important Bonus Ball is 08.

    The winning digits for the Thunderball are as follows: 1, 13, 23, 31, 35 and Thunderball 7

  • What to do if YOU win the lottery?

    Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, but what do people do once they win?

    Firstly, the winner would need to claim their numbers, letting the operator know of their victory.

    This will then be verified, by an official advisor, to check the winner wasn’t telling lies.

    Once the winner passes all the extensive checks, the advisor will then ask the lucky winner if they want to publicly announce their win.

    They then provide important meetings with lawyers and financial advisors to help the winner look after such a huge sum of money.

    Then… the sum hits the winners bank account. How surreal!

  • Lottery thrown into doubt amid court case

    The National Lottery, a British institution, could be suspended for the first time in its long history.

    The company is currently embroiled in a court case between Camelot and Allwyn.

    Camelot, the previous operator of the activity, is challenging the decision to give the game to rival Allwyn from 2024.

    If a decision is made in court this week, it could lead to the suspension of the lottery until 2024.

  • Study shows what lottery numbers are the LUCKIEST

    The National Lottery has been studying its history to find out what exactly are the luckiest numbers a player can pick.

    Curiously. 38, 39 and 40 all rank amongst the top five.

    Here is the full twist:

    • Number 40, drawn 350 times
    • Number 27, drawn 347 times
    • Number 23, drawn 346 times
    • Number 39, drawn 345 times
    • Number 38, drawn 345 times
  • Neighbour of £184 million lottery winners wants her fence fixed!

    The Thwaites won the biggest ever lottery jackpot in UK history in May, bagging a mouth-watering £184 million.

    While everyone in their lives is happy for them, their neighbour hopes these extra funds can go toward some TLC for their shared garden.

    Faith Cox, 74, said: “I was blown away when I heard they’d won the lottery, I just hope they don’t move away… they promised to fix the fence.

    “It’s good to have nice neighbours and they are a lovely family, the fence has been in a state for years and I can’t afford to have it mended myself.

    “I remember speaking with Joe and he said they planned to put a fence in between our properties. It would mean I can take the horrid temporary fence down.

    “They have three ponies, sheep, chickens and two dogs and I have dogs as well. so it made sense.”

  • Make sure to be gamble aware

    It is important to stay safe when playing the lottery, to help with this, the National Lottery operate a ‘Healthy Play’ policy.

    The National Lottery released the following statement, “We know that extraordinary things happen when lots of people play a little. We’re proud to say that around 60% of UK adults enjoy our games, so encouraging healthy play is at the heart of everything we do. The way we design our games and tools helps put you in control of your play.

    “To keep players safe online, we use an in-house behavioural analytics model. This identifies at-risk players, enabling us to support them through targeted interventions.”

  • Saturday nights Lottery numbers are in!

    The National Lottery draw has taken place, with £7.1m Lotto jackpot and the Thunderball.

    The winning results for the Lotto are 12, 15, 25, 37, 48 and 57.

    Meanwhile, the all important Bonus Ball is 08.

    The winning digits for the Thunderball are as follows: 1, 13, 23, 31, 35 and Thunderball 7

  • UNCLAIMED PRIZES: There are 11 prizes that have been left

    There are 11 people out there who could be a hell of a lot richer, but haven’t claimed their money!

    The following only have until the end of July to claim their prize 

    • Draw Date – January 21, 2022. Prize – £1m Millionaire Maker. Based in – Breckland District. Last date to claim – July 20, 2022
    • Draw Date – January 21, 2022. Prize – £1m Millionaire Maker. Based in – North Tyneside. Last date to claim – July 20, 2022
    • Draw Date – January 21, 2022. Prize – £1m Millionaire Maker. Based in – Doncaster. Last date to claim – July 20, 2022
    • Draw Date – January 21, 2022. Prize – £1m Millionaire Maker. Based in – Hinckley and Bosworth District. Last date to claim – July 20, 2022
  • Friday’s THUNDERBALL: All numbers contained 3’s

    Viewers of Friday night’s Thunderball were left shocked by the results…

    The winning numbers were: 32, 33, 36, 30, 37 and 13.

    Numbers in the 30’s are generally not picked by players.

    This is because most people chose birthday numbers, but a month only has 30 to 31 days.

    Were you lucky on the Thunderball on Friday?

  • National Lottery could be suspended for the first time in its history

    The National Lottery could be paused for the first time ever, amid a court case regarding who should operate the activity.

    Camelot, are claiming they have been unfairly treated by the decision to give the game to rival Allwyn from 2024.

    Camelot says that the Gambling Commission’s decision is “badly wrong”.

    It says there is a risk that it will be run for ten years by an operator who has been “unlawfully appointed”.

    A court ruling its expected this week to decide if there will be a suspension.

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